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About Paperless Times


Welcome to Paperless Times, your go-to source for news and insights on sustainability, technology, and education. Our mission is to keep our readers informed about the latest trends and innovations in these fields, and to inspire them to take action towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Our team of expert writers and reporters bring you in-depth articles and interviews with leaders in the industry, providing you with valuable knowledge and perspectives. Join us on this journey towards a better future!

Meet Our Team

John Smith


John Smith is a seasoned journalist with over 20 years of experience covering environmental issues and technology. He has worked for leading publications such as The New York Times and National Geographic, and has won numerous awards for his investigative reporting. At Paperless Times, John leads a team of dedicated writers and editors, ensuring that our content meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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Maria Garcia

Senior Reporter

Maria Garcia is a talented journalist with a passion for sustainability and social justice. She has reported on a wide range of topics, from renewable energy to food waste, and has interviewed some of the most influential figures in the field. At Paperless Times, Maria covers the latest developments in sustainability and educates our readers on how they can make a positive impact in their communities.

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David Lee

Tech Reporter

David Lee is a tech expert with a keen interest in the intersection of technology and sustainability. He has covered topics such as smart cities, green computing, and blockchain, and has written for leading publications such as Wired and TechCrunch. At Paperless Times, David explores the latest trends and innovations in tech and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future.

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