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Calling All Political Parties to The Same Cause: Children

Democrats, Republicans, and Liberals! Who cares?! Oh, sorry Independents. I almost forgot you. What do these parties have in common? Children! The thrice groups and Independents; sorry again, can legally have children of any number, race, or IQ score. All four groups have dipped their toes in many causes and places. Some of these places were legal and not so legal, so in spite of knowing we are not really as different as we like to believe, let us do something magnanimous for the right reason with no thought of which political party is involved. Let us help children have their basic educational needs met.

In 1980, it was not commonplace to see a computer in your neighbor’s home, or even in a city library for children to do research for homework or a school project. It also was not commonplace in 1990 either, but it is customary today; that is in most American households. The poor in our country usually have at least one cell phone. Our government sometimes gives phones to disadvantaged citizens in case of an emergency. This is especially true of the senior citizen.

Let me address that The Hendrick’s Foundation may be a more liberal foundation than you would like to be associated with given your political party affiliation. So, what? My family members are in all three major political parties, and we all get along. We are capable of attending a family reunion without calling the police or having the hotel call the police and kick us out. I have confidence that you can and will help children without any thought of political association.

Is race the issue? My family is also a little different. We are of black, white, Japanese, Nigerian descent, Mennonites with German heritage, and God only knows what else. It can be a move to help the Human Race; the group with the fewest requirements, but capable of huge feats, such as a premature infant breathing on its own. Oops, the infant was born in a poor country. Too bad! The kid is doomed to fail! Gosh, glad premature infants like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, or Stevie Wonder did not allow their small beginning to cement them in their original group. Sidney Poitier was a premature infant born in the United States to Bahamian parents. We definitely cannot omit Olympic Gold Medalist Wayde van Niekerk who won the men’s 400m race in 2016. It is said he was trained by an over-70-year-old grandmother. That inspires me on many levels!

You do not have to be stagnant within your original group either. Help those with the potential to help the human race flourish. Let us give them the tools to elevate mankind to be better than our past, and just as eager for knowledge to improve our minds and well-being in the years ahead.



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