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Collaborating With Our Sponsors To Achieve Our Mission

From January 1st, 2023, to December 31st, 2023, we have raised $9520. Thanks to contributions from The Boston Foundation, The Boston Chambers of Commerce, Reggae Food Truck, and everyone who helped us raise funds. From an experimental idea to a mission that has impacted 57 students and counting across North America. 

We have hosted our first panel, "Sustainability and the Digital Divide." This panel had three speakers with tech, business education, and sustainable development backgrounds. Our founder, Dean, moderated it, and it's fantastic that attendees left the event feeling informed and inspired.

We sponsored our first speech and giveaway, where six persons were given laptops for participating in our programming. We taught two classes in collaboration with Journi and had two donation drives.

Because of your contributions, we have collected 652 computers. We want to thank Agios, Tech Boston Academy, Journi, Patti Engineering, Rotary of Detroit, Journi, Big 50 Entertainment, and all the individual donors who made this a reality.

Thank you to everyone who helped us go as far as we did in 2023. We look forward to bridging the digital divide with all of you in 2024.

~Dean Hendricks


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