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Education = Success?

"Education is the key to success." We have heard this statement from our parents and teachers to motivate us, but it's a hefty statement that we easily say. This statement can be true and false simultaneously; it depends on what Success means to you.

Everyone has a different goal that they see as their Success. Success is the state or condition of meeting a defined range of expectations. Then is it a success if I'm at the top of my class? Can I call it a success if I'm the employee of the month? In many opinions, these are not considered successes. Instead, they are termed "achievements." But by definition, these are indeed successes, although not directly the result of education.

Education is a lifelong journey for every person, from childhood to young age, education never leaves your hand, and it walks side by side. The need for education is like watering a plant, one of the essential nutrients. Although water is vital, a plant has other necessities, without which it will lack capabilities and life's fruits.

The usual process of education is passing out of school, followed by college, then taking some post-graduation course or training, etc. This is done to find a suitable job, make a career, and settle down.

Yes, education is the key to Success:

Education is about more than just learning to read and write. It is not about making people literate; literacy is entirely different from education. Education is using obtained knowledge in a way that is practical and useful. A good Education is crucial because you can think for yourself and communicate intelligently with others. People with poor educational backgrounds are expected to need help competing with people with a superior understanding of a subject. If a person cannot reason and think for himself, then that person will have problems planning a future for themselves.

No, education is not the key to Success:

It has been proved that education is the base of Success, but it's not the only thing we need to open the door to Success. Success depends on an individual's capacity to use his talent, passion, and creativity most effectively. There are many people with significant degrees but still struggling to keep up with life, while some people are succeeding despite getting very little education. Success is a beautiful concoction of passion, understanding, and a hint of knowledge. People can be successful in any field with the right skills. Book learning has a lot to do with the knowledge a person has but not with the skills a person has.

Receiving an education is just as important as obtaining specific skills to run the marathon of life. All we need is a good understanding of life, the passion to strive forward, and, most importantly, some faith in ourselves. In the end your future is in your hands.


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