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Five Effects of E-waste

E-waste is an increasing problem all around the world.

Likewise, e-waste pollution has been seen to cause many adverse effects.

In this article we will look at five effects caused by e-waste.

  1. Exposure to toxins

Electronic waste (e-waste) is made up of various materials, some of which are toxic. Hence, oftentimes when e-waste is improperly disposed of, humans and the environment come in contact with toxic materials.

2. Water pollution

Toxins from e-waste may go into the ground and eventually enter rivers or underground pools, thereby contaminating the water reserves. Hence, limiting the number of freshwater sources available.

3. Lead poisoning

Ewaste contains lead and persons that recycle e-waste may be poisoned by lead. As a result, those individuals may develop other illnesses.

4. Birth Defects

Pregnant women that are exposed to lead from e-waste may later experience stillbirths. Also, unborn children experience premature births, low birth weight, and behavioral problems.

5. Health issues in younger children

Also, younger children that were exposed to lead are at risk of developing health issues such as respiratory illnesses, damage to their DNA, and cardiovascular diseases.


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