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Four devices you probably did not know become e-waste

Whether large or small, e-waste is e-waste.

Often times when people hear the term e-waste, large devices such as laptops, computers, and cell phones may come to our mind. However, there are other smaller devices that can also be categorized as e-waste.

This article will highlight everyday devices that, when discarded, become e-waste.

Lighting devices

Old or damaged light bulbs and other lighting devices are sometimes overlooked as e-waste. However, they are electrical devices that consist of components that are all needed for them to work.

Electrical Tools

Electrical tools are made up of metals such as copper and aluminum. Some consist of circuit boards that are made up of other electrical components. Hence, when they are damaged they can be considered e-waste.


Modern toys may consist of electrical components and other parts. Toy cars and talking dolls are two examples of toys that are made up of electrical components. They are sometimes not thought of as electrical devices but if they are damaged they become e-waste.

Musical Instruments

Nowadays, many musical devices consist of electronic parts that allow for music of varying tones and volumes to be produced. However, when they are damaged and discarded, they become e-waste.


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