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Speech-to-text uses in education

One of the most popular and developing areas of technology is the development of technology with more Intelligence.

Today, on the Paperless Times we will look at one example of intelligent technology, Speech-to-text, and its use in education.

Speech-to-text is a speech recognition application used by devices to identify and translate spoken words into text.

People all over find these applications useful in making notes, typing text messages, and typing other texts while doing other tasks.

Likewise, students also use speech-to-text for various applications.

In this article, we will explore various advantages of speech-to-text for students.

1. Students can use speech-to-text to write assignments

One major advantage of speech-to-text is its ability to limit the amount of typing and typing students often do. It also allows students an option to do assignments comfortably. In this way, a student can say what they want to be typed and watch as the words are documented.

2. The chances of students developing illnesses and complications are decreased.

Additionally, as they will be limiting the amount of work that their hands and fingers would be doing they decrease the chances of them developing health issues such as eye problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye strain.

3. Students can use Speech-to-text to take notes

Many, if not all of us can relate to a situation where a thought comes to our mind that we do not want to forget. This can happen while brainstorming. Likewise, students will sometimes have something to write a note about. Speech-to-text will be very handy in this setting especially if they are multitasking.

4. Students can use Speech-to-text if they have difficulty typing

Some students may have difficulty typing documents due to visual impairment or physical challenges. Speech-to-text will be especially useful to them as it will allow them more independence in doing their school work and participating in school activities.

In summary, this article took a look at speech-to-text and its advantages for students. Additionally, we looked at how it may help to decrease the likeliness of students getting carpal tunnel syndrome visual impairment and eye strain, as they do not have to be directly in front of the computer constantly.

I hope you found this article useful.


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