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Tech Talk 9/4/22

With constant advances in technology, new and innovative ways to help make learning more efficient are likewise advancing.

One of those efficient learning strategies includes the use of Video-Assisted learning (VAL).

According to ViewSonic, VAL can be thought of as “a strategic teaching approach to using videos – either educational or conceptual – to improve a student’s comprehension, cognitive ability, or social-emotional skills.”

That is with VAL, videos are used to enhance learning.

By using videos along with other teaching materials, classes can be more interactive and engaging which will help reduce the chances of a student flunking a course.

Also, the use of VAL benefits different types of learners such as visual learners and auditory learners.

Additionally, using videos that are both interactive and educational in classes can help slower students to understand what is being taught a bit clearer as learning something from a different point of view can help at times.

There are different types of videos that can be used for VAL. Examples of these videos are include:


YouTube videos

Crash Course videos and other educational videos.

In Conclusion

VAL is a really beneficial technique used for learning. It is helpful for students that learn best with different types of learning. Additionally, it can help decrease the number of students that fail a course.


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