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The Use of Technology by Children

As technology advances, there is also an increase in its use over the world; more in particular, by children. Often these children happen to be students, hence, the increase. Today, we’ll be looking at three concerns involved with children and the use of technology.

Screen time

This is the time that is spent using one’s device/s. Children sometimes get carried away with either watching their favorite cartoons or even playing their favorite games. These, of course, can be educational or non-educational but parents need to monitor the time they spend on these activities daily. It is recommended that screen time should be two hours a day. Doing this will aid in children being more productive throughout their daily lives.

Device addiction

Because they enjoy doing their little activities whether on their phone, tablets, or even laptops, children may feel as if they can’t do without them; this may lead to them becoming addicted. Eventually, they may begin to spend way more time than they should, which feeds their addiction. This is not healthy. When this happens it can cause the child to not perform well in his/her classes as they are not able to focus as they should. Also, the way that this child behaves in his/her daily life can become affected. Practicing screen time is a great way to fight device addiction.

Access to inappropriate information

While technology allows children to access a wide variety of data for educational purposes it can also give them access to information that is not appropriate for their age. Children nowadays are very smart and though some might not be aware of the information being exposed to them, others deliberately seek this type of information. However, they should not be at fault as parents should monitor the websites and tv shows that their children are viewing. Technology is constantly being advanced and as such nothing is being kept secret anymore so it is the job of the parent(s) to ensure that these children are protected. They can do this by locking or blocking certain websites or simply creating a channel of preferred media display.

In summary…

  • Screen time, device addiction, and access to inappropriate information are factors that are involved in the usage of technology by children.

  • These factors, however, can be controlled with the monitoring of children with the help of their parents.


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