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Waste Wanted

According to Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, Electronic Waste (E-waste) was expected to have risen to 52.2 million tons in 2021 alone. Also with only about 20% of it being recycled properly(Great Lakes Electronics Corporation), it is no surprise that the impacts e-waste has on the environment is a cause for concern. One way that we can help minimize e-waste is by reusing old electronics. In this article, we will take a look at different creative ways that a laptop can be recycled.

Create your own server

A server is a device that stores programs and other resources that are accessible to other devices on the same network. Old computers can be used as servers for various purposes such as gaming, web hosting, and storing data. With newer developments in technology, personal servers have become more and more popular as they are excellent for organizing information and allow for tasks to be completed more efficiently.

Use it as an extra monitor

Some of us have definitely wished for more screen space after having to minimize an application (app) in order to view information from another app. At times this is not only annoying but very inefficient. Using an old laptop as an additional monitor can definitely help solve this issue allowing you to keep your focus and save time.

Create a WIFI hotspot

Another use for your old laptop is to use it as a WiFi hotspot.

This can be placed so that areas where WIFI coverage were weaker can also get better coverage. This is especially useful for appliances that use the internet but are too far out of range.

Refurbish your old laptop

Old laptops can also be refurbished so that it can be functional again.

When a laptop is refurbished, oftentimes the software is updated and programs are put on it.

That is just what happens at the Hendricks Foundation.

Whenever computers are donated to Hendricks Foundation, they are refurbished and then given to students that do not have consistent access to a computer. This gives them the chance to have access to digital education and interact with both their loved ones and peers online.

In Summary

Old laptops can be refurbished and used in a variety of ways. Old laptops can be made into servers that store data and WiFi hotspots that help to provide better WiFi coverage in your home. Additionally, it can be used as an extra monitor to provide more screen space. Finally, old laptops that are donated to Hendricks Foundation can be refurbished and given to students that lack consistent access to a computer. This ensures that they have a functional computer that they can use to have access to digital education.


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