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Why Should Education Be Free?

“Knowledge is Power” is a famous quote written by Francis Bacon. With an education, an individual is able to do just about anything in this world. However, there is normally one specific hindrance to getting an education and that is paying for it.

Though there are numerous reasons why education should be free of cost, today, we’ll be focusing on just 5 of those reasons.

1. Increase in Labor

In today’s society it is more than evident that technology is taking over the workplace. However, this is not meant to wipe out the workforce. There are jobs that are in need of people who are analytically skilled and that have a sense of creativity and can only be filled with an education from college. Therefore, if individuals are able to attend such colleges without having to worry about paying, there will be more people being employed.

2. Increase in Equality

There has always been inequality when it comes on to education. One section of the society is able to afford it while the other can’t. As for the ones who struggle or are not able to pay, paying for school should not be a hindrance to not having an education as these are oftentimes the ones who are very smart. Hence, with the cost of tuition being free these people will have a chance at getting an education and that gap of inequality can be closed.

3. Less “drop-outs”

We see it happening all the time where paying for school becomes so hectic for an individual that they have no other choice but to quit. Not everyone has the means to provide the money and sometimes the government can only do so little for them. These individuals (not all the time) are the same ones who are driven to indulge in violence. Having free tuition will aid in more people becoming graduates as well as a decrease in violence.

4. More Focus

Worrying about how you’re going to pay for school can cause a lot of stress and shift your focus from the most important thing, your education. Not having to worry about the money, students will be able to give their undivided attention to their studies. Additionally, they’ll be able to function better mentally throughout their daily lives. They will be able to excel and expand.

5. Improvement in Society

When there are many educated people within a society, the society is able to progress fast. The government does not have to necessarily “intervene” at every given point as these people are of understanding and know how and what to do in given situations. Also, the economy is prone to thrive as these educated people are those that will be employed in the high paying and high-skilled jobs; paying their taxes and directly/indirectly contributing to the improvement of their country.


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