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Welcome to another article by The PaperLess Times.

In previous articles, we have highlighted how Hendricks Foundation aims to bridge the digital divide, as well as how they are currently impacting the lives of some students.

Similarly, in this article, we will further discuss the different types of packages that are offered by Hendricks Foundation and give answers to some questions that you might have with regard to donating.

Let’s start off with a quick recap.

With an increase in digital services, there is a subsequent increase in the lack of access to digital education.

Hendricks Foundation aims to bridge that digital divide by giving renewed and updated devices(that have been donated) to students who lack access to digital education.

Additionally, studies have shown that giving students access to digital education increases their chances of finishing school, being active learners in the classroom, and being proactive students; it has also been seen to decrease their chances of dropping out of school.

Donated devices are given to students according to the package that the student received.

On that note, let’s answer some questions that you might have.

What are the different programs that the Hendricks Foundation is offering?

Currently, there are three programs that the Hendricks Foundation is offering

They are ‘Enspark’, ‘Foundational’ and ‘Each one helps one’.

What is the ‘Each on helps one’ program?

Each one helps one allows donors the ability to sponsor a direct donation to students who need computers. Using our system students will be allowed to register through their school systems. Potential sponsors can browse through a number of students and sponsor the ones who connect with them.

The ‘Each one helps one’ program is expected to start in Fall 2022.

Each one helps one’ offers four levels of sponsorship packages.

  • gift package

  • joy package

  • care package

  • heartfelt package

Each package is unique as laptops can be further enhanced with accessories and software tools.

For example, sponsors can choose to the care package sponsorship, which gives the student added upgrades. In addition sponsors will be given the opportunity to have a customized message of inspiration appear on the laptop’s screen startup screen, every time it is turned on.

Who qualifies for sponsorship?

Can qualify for a sponsorship. As Hendricks Foundation aims to help bridge the digital divide, all students’ education will be our main focus.

How can a student apply for a package?

To apply for a sponsorship, students are required to send the following to Hendricks Foundation:

  • Name (Last and First, with middle initial)(the full name will not be displayed)

  • A 250-word ( maximum ) essay with a back story and reason they need the computer

  • Their future ambition ( what they wish to be when done with school )

  • Chose Elementary, Middle, High, or going to College(this will not be displayed, it is just for our records)

  • Country, State

Can an applicant receive more than one package?

No, a student can get only one laptop. Once an applicant receives a laptop they would have received their sponsorship. This would be distributed to them by their school system or the respective organization sponsoring the student.

Who can donate a laptop?

There are no current limitations to who can donate a laptop. As such anyone can donate a laptop.

What types of laptop are not accepted?

Any laptop was made before the year 2010, cannot be donated.

Are laptops the only donations accepted?

Desktops and tablets can also be donated, provided that were notmade before the year 2010.

And there you have it.

I hope that you found this article helpful.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us using the contact form under the Contact tab or just ask it in our live chat.


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