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A Year Well Spent

On March 17, it will be a year since I started the Hendricks foundation. I am so grateful for all of the support that all of you have given me. Year 1 has undoubtedly been a success. We have reached many students and have collected heavy amounts of potential e-waste. As another year is beginning to bud, I would like to highlight the impact that we have had in one of our target cities, Detroit Michigan.

From February 20 – 24, the Hendricks Foundation and Journi collaborated on a computer repair and AR course for students. The results were nothing less than wonderful. 18 children between the ages of 8 and 14 learned how to repair laptops and by the end they were able to take them home. In addition to being able to work with their hands, they had the opportunity to work with their imaginations and create avatars with historical leaders for black history month.

During the weekend we partnered with Rotary of Detroit, HAP and, Yellow House donuts and coffee to hold a donation drive. By the end were able to count 33 Donated devices.

A special thanks to Renee Yancy for making all of this possible. She was the driving force behind our social media outreach, and she provide us with a place to host the donor drive.

That week was the first time we participated in a donor drive and taught a class. I am looking to forward to seeing where this year leads us, as these events are the first of many that will have lasting impact.


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