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Environmentaly Minded Actions with LDJ & Co.

Improper waste disposal causes serious harm to the environment, and is a danger to you and me.

In previous articles, we mentioned some heroes that are trying their best to build a more sustainable Earth. Similarly, in this article, we will be highlighting one more hero that is trying to minimize waste in the environment - Lenroy Duane James and Company Limited.

Image by LDJ & Co.

LDJ & Co. is an accomplished Environmental Management Consultancy firm in Jamaica. With over 20 years of professional experience in environmental management and processes LDJ &Co. , is a leader in Caribbean sustainable missions. This short interview will shed a light on their impact.

How did you start?

- We started approximately twenty years ago, when we realized that there is a need to protect and preserve our natural environment, while striking a balance with development.

What is your mission?

- Mission Statement - LDJ&Co. Ltd. is committed to building sustainable relationships between environmental management and profitability for our clients, by delivering quality service built on honesty and integrity.

Who do you have the most impact on?

- Our greatest impact is on persons that benefit from our community interventions when we execute a project.

How have you changed the industry (the one you’re in)?

- We have changed our industry by aligning the strategic linkages between sustainable development and environmental protection.

Any exciting and/or upcoming news?

- We will be launching an environmental awareness campaign shortly to inform countries, businesses, and individuals about the impacts of climate change on local economies.

What would you tell a company that had just started its sustainable journey?

- Stick to your goals, revise them if you must, but stick to them, even on days when it’s extremely difficult.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know one of the many companies working on sustainable impacts around the globe. If you have a company that you would like for us to shed a spotlight on, please email us at:


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