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Build The Best Of Worlds

Hello, my name is Dean, and I am the founder and director of the Hendricks Foundation. My personal mission in life is to “BUILD THE BEST OF WORLDS.

On March the 17th of 2022, I started the Hendricks Foundation with one goal in mind, to “BE THE BRIDGE TO THE DIGITAL DIVIDE”. I have a strong love for computers, and unwavering passion for our global environment. Yet the two have not always been aligned. Overtime due to the unsustainable manufacturing processes used to build our computers and our culture of consumption, we have created a global crisis. We throw out numerous tons of e-waste away each year, contributing to climate change in a negative way. And why? To keep up with an ever-expanding world in exchange of the next generation's future. Still, we are alive so there's time to make a change. Instead of gaining riches using our children’s’ future as currency we can instead help them “BUILD THE BEST OF WORLDS.” By recycling your E-waste and giving your old computer a new home, you can “BE THE CHANGE”. No longer should their potentials be limited by the books they cannot afford; with digital education the stars are the limit. With your donation we can tackle two issues at once.

It has been nearly nine months since the conception of Hendricks Foundation, and we have already been able to help dozens of students get computers. This year we are looking to expand our reach and branch out into more student’s lives with a bigger and broader goal. Our two main cities of impact have been Detroit MI, and Boston MA. Most of the children who have received computers have been lower income black and brown students.

Starting February 2023, we will officially be bridging the digital divide between students across the globe. Now children outside the USA will be able to receive from our recycled devices. Countries like Mexico, Jamaica and Haiti will be the first of many nations that will benefit from our foundation. We will also be accepting donations from residents inside these nations as well. If you would like for your computers to go into helping students overseas, please e-mail us at: . We also accept monetary donations as well, that helps us to repair the computers and pay for delivery fees. If you have any other questions in regard to donating, or just general questions on what we do and how we do it, please e-mail us at: .

Lastly, we are always looking for more volunteers; whether your skills are in computer repair, graphic design, video editing or even journalism anything that will help to further our mission is always appreciated. One of the easiest places to get a start in volunteering, is writing for our newsletter the Paperless Times. We publish one article every Monday on the issue of tackling educational hurdles and promoting sustainable development. One of my favorite ways of doing this is by interviewing companies with a sustainable mission as their business model. If you have a company with sustainable mission that you’d like for us to interview, or you’d like to have an interview you’ve written exclusively posted in the Paperless Times please e-mail us at . Otherwise, if you’d rather write articles on a more consistent basis or volunteer for some other roles, please e-mail us at .

Thank you for taking the time to be apart of this mission it means a lot to me and all the family at the Hendricks foundation working to “BUILD THE BEST OF WORLDS.”


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