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Each one, helps one

At the Hendricks Foundation that is a principle that we believe in.

No one should go through the stress of being deprived of digital education.

Following this principle, the Hendricks Foundation offers a solution to this widespread digital problem.

You are probably wondering, “what solution does the Hendricks Foundation offer to young persons who lack consistent access to a computer?”

the Hendricks-Foundation aids students by providing laptops to students who currently do not have access to a computer so that they will have a consistent device that will give them access to the internet and various educational software.

Hence, it helps to bridge the gap that separates so many talented youths from accessing digital education.

The Hendricks Foundation has been making strides as an organization that is devoted to helping students gain access to digital education, hence increasing their chances of having a comfortable life as well as decreasing gaps in their education.

By refurbishing laptops that caring individuals have donated, such as yourself, students’ learning can continue even after physical school ends. This helps to reduce gaps in their learning and enables them to have a more extensive and interactive learning experience.

Also, by having access to computers, low-income students are less likely to drop out of school. Likewise, an increase has been seen in class participation among students when digital education is incorporated into their schoolwork.

Hence, by providing students with a consistent computer they will be more engaged in their schoolwork and are less likely to drop out of school.

Additionally, by having consistent access to a computer, the risk of adolescents developing mental illnesses will decrease.

In our last article, it was mentioned that resulting from the pandemic, some students developed depression and other mental illnesses due to not having a medium to interact with their peers.

Similarly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2022), CDC, students who maintained virtual contact with their peers and schoolmates during the Covid-19 Pandemic were less likely to have mental health issues.

By providing students with a laptop, they can have a medium that enables them to stay in touch with their peers. This ultimately allows them to have better mental health as they get to socially interact with peers and loved ones.

So how can a young person apply for an opportunity to get a laptop?

The Hendricks Foundation will have three programs that can be applied to.


Our currently available program allows students to purchase computers for the price of their repairs. Allowing students access to computers on demand without the wait. Helping them Enspark a new journey.


Second is our Foundational scholarship program. Two times a year students will be encouraged to apply to our scholarship program. Where they will receive a laptop with accessories. The winning applicant will also be given money to go towards their education. Fostering a strong Foundational support for their futures.

Each One Helps One

Our favorite upcoming program awards youths a laptop based on a direct sponsorship program. In this program laptops that are donated to the foundation are refurbished and made fully functional, awarded to sponsored students. These students are selected based on a student’s need and by a direct sponsor, such as yourself.

Students are encouraged to submit a message to the Hendricks Foundation as well as the necessary information that is required for registration, as this will help determine those most in need of a laptop.

Also, sponsors can choose a specific student to sponsor a laptop. They can give students a laptop from a list of sponsorship packages.

Each package is unique. Laptops can be further enhanced with accessories and software tools.

Sponsors can even choose the care package which gives them the chance to have customized words of encouragement appear on the laptop’s screen when the computers start!

‘Each one helps one.’

Each sponsorship provides a young person the opportunity to access digital education and further enhance their studies which would previously not be possible due to their lack of access to a computer.

On that note, on behalf of all the students who have been sponsored a laptop, I want to say a big thank you to our valued sponsors who have taken the initiative to help youths struggling with getting access to digital education, due to the lack of a consistent computer.

And to potential sponsors, thank you for recognizing the need of those students struggling without a laptop and deciding to help.

A better world for each of us starts with us. It can start when we help one another.

“Each one helps one.”


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