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ECHOS of Sustainability

An alarming 2.12 billion tons of waste is generated every year (The world counts), some of which may lead to serious health and environmental issues.

As such an urgent resolution for this issue is needed to ensure a safe and sustainable world for us and future generations.

In this article we will look at an interview with one hero, ECHOS Consulting Limited, who is

taking strides to help build a safer and more sustainable Earth. They are founded on the values and principle of sustainable development and are guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their simple but impactful mantra ‘fostering sustainability ‘, clearly outlines their mission. With that let us dive right into the interview to learn more about ECHOS Consulting Limited.

How did you start?

ECHOS was started to provide a vehicle of knowledge and solutions for sustainability and resilience [primarily] in the hospitality travel and tourism industry. Our capabilities span the gamut of tourism business development and operations from design and regulatory compliance all through to effective daily operations (risk, energy, efficiency, safety, sustainability, and resilience, etc.).

What is your mission?

To deliver the most efficient and sustainable products and services to produce positive environmental impact for our client organizations and their associated activities.

What do you have the most impact on?

Risk, safety, energy, resilience, and sustainability in the operations.

How have you changed the industry you’re in?

It is difficult to state categorically that we have, but seeing that we have grown to a regional company affecting over 40 resorts in the Caribbean region, it means our work is definitely recognized by the industry and our industry partners.

Any exciting and/or upcoming news?

No. We are not big on news or marketing but rather on change and solutions within our client operations. We are aware this may need to change given the current era of information, knowledge, marketing and social media. We are working on that.

What would you tell a company that had just started its sustainable journey?

It is a long journey. It does not require quick fixes. The journey will last as long as you see your company in business. Sustainability is a journey, a way of life, not certification or destination. There is never a point where you have “arrived” but it should be a positive journey as it ensures your business is in tune with the needs of its people, its community, its clients, and with the needs of the planet.


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