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Sharing stories with Fares Libros

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you” – B.B. King


This week on the Paperless Times, we will be sharing an interview with FaresLibros, a company in Colombia that aims to allow persons to have access to better quality books.  

They are a company in Colombia that operates a shared library where universities, individuals, and private institutions can get access to literature from various parts of the world.


They also help with sustainability as their library offers books to many individuals, which reduces the number of books that would need to be printed.

Hence, as they are helping to conserve resources, they are also helping to promote sustainability.


Without further ado, let’s learn some more about FaresLibros by looking at the interview.

How did you start?

   It was more than twenty-five years ago that I started a personal enterprise to renovate my library, and later both personal and institutional clients became interested in the catalogs and portfolios of books that I imported.


What is your mission?

   My mission is to promote and encourage reading habits in Colombia through quality books and printed materials at the best prices and in the best presentation to public or private libraries and individual clients.


What is the history of the community you service?

   The community we service are people who were part of an armed group. The state did not offer solutions and life alternatives to them, which resulted in their prior decision to take up arms. They are currently demobilized and want to join the civil society. One of the ways to contribute to this process is a peace library. As such, we want to provide them with two peace libraries.

How have you changed the community?

   The transformative power of a book in a person's life has no limits. Our contribution can be seen from the impact that the books we offer have on the lives of community members. We have received more book donations that have been welcomed with a favorable reception.


What would you tell another group looking to start a mission like your own?

   I would say to another group that seeks to start a mission like mine that they should first love the community. Also, understand the values and principles that are most significant and most relevant to the community, so that you can bring them alternatives and responses that allow them to improve your life in the medium and long term. Find the point where your attitude rises, and you can find happiness in your activity.

And on that inspiring note, our interview with FaresLibros has come to an end.


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