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Tech Talk 8/1/2022

A lot has changed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Likewise we have seen where the term education technology has become increasingly popular.

According to Research and Markets, ‘ Education Technology is the combined use of computer technology and educational theory/practice to facilitate student learning ’.

That is technology that helps facilitate learning.

In this article we’ll take a look at education technology and applications as well as devices that are used in education technology.

Let’s first take a look at devices that are used to facilitate learning.


Laptops are used a lot to help facilitate learning. This can be credited a lot to their portability, light weight, are cost efficiency. Whether it’s taking notes in class, finishing a project that is due in a week or attending online classes, laptops are arguably one of the best devices for a student to use. As such it is therefore no surprise that laptops have arguably become an essential tool for students to have.


Another useful device that is used in education is the tablet. These relatively small devices

like the laptop are very handy for students. Students can use them to to read digital books, create art or engage in interactive learning software. Similar to laptops, tablets are generally light weight and small, making them another very popular educational tool.


Servers are devices that store centralized information and resources that can later be accessed by other computers and devices. This device is used in education and it allows students to have access to information simultaneously while making sure that the information is safe.

Likewise, let’s take a look at applications that help facilitate learning

Database applications

Database applications store records of data. This is often useful in many ways such as to store information on students, books, teachers etc. Needless to say database applications organize data so that it is easier to read and access. Examples of database software include Microsoft Access, Axisbase and OpenOffice Base.

Word Processing Software

Applications such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs and WPS OffficeWriter are arguably one of the most used types of applications used by students. They are known as word processing

software. Theya re also used to write essays, take notes and create other useful materials that are used in both the virtual classroom and the physical classroom.

Examples of these include devices such as laptops and tablets; and, applications such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Web conferencing applications

Also, web conferencing applications such as Google Meetings, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are very important in virtual learning as they are the platforms that help to facilitate learning even over long distances. Additionally, we see a lot of these types of software are equip with

interactive features such as whiteboards, annotate and ‘ breakout rooms’ that help to further aid learning.


Als, there are a lot of online course providers (e.g. Coursera, EduTech, edX, and Huaweii learning) that offer varying online courses.

In Summary

We can definitely say that education technology has changed the way we see . Nowadays, devices such as laptop, tablets and servers have become very vital in education. Also, database applications, word processing applications and web conferencing applications help to organize data, create documents and allow for teaching to be done over long distances.


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