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Feminism defined!

Are men and women equal? That’s the one question we can’t get a definite answer to. Everyone has a different opinion about it, and I, as a woman myself, may have a different take on this everlasting feud between the different sexes.


When we first hear the word feminism, our mind immediately sketches an image of women out on the streets fighting for rights, but let us go back to what feminism means. It is important to remember that feminism is about equality between the sexes regarding human life. It does not deny the biological difference between the genders but asks for similar opportunities in the same environment. It is important to remember that feminism is not just for women but all genders, races, and creeds. A widespread misconception is that only women can be feminists.


This concept breaks all the stereotypical gender roles and strives for the equality of sexes rather than female superiority. For example, it supports the idea that women should be free to pursue careers while questioning the expectation that men should be the exclusive providers for their families.


While many parts of the world have started to see the importance of equality between the genders, there are still parts of the world where women are treated as property to men who live and breathe for the males in their lives. These women are not only deprived of the right to free speech but are also not allowed to exceed in their lives. Willed, solid women are seen as a threat to society, especially to the status of the other gender. 


 Feminism holds significance as it enables individuals to live freely, offering equal opportunities and challenging gender stereotypes. The goal of feminism is to foster equality among all genders and eliminate gender-based segregation.


Despite the substantial influence of feminism in contemporary society, its reach remains incomplete. Inequality and the exploitation of women persist despite numerous feminist movements globally. It is crucial to educate children and youth about the importance of feminism and the reasons for its practice. To create a future that champions equality and inclusion for all genders, everyone needs to endorse and support feminism.




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